Thursday, 24 July 2014

Loading And Transportation Monitoring

InTouch ensures that your cargo is properly loaded and transported with care.

For some product categories and industries, quality control activities may not end at the factory. Container Loading Monitoring is a service that focuses on closely supervising the loading of goods or industrial goods in shipping containers. The container loading generally takes place in the factory where the goods were made before the container is sealed and delivered to the port for export.

Key Loading and Transport Monitoring Services components:

  •       InTouch ensures that every element of your shipment is handled with care throughout the entire loading and transportation process
  •       Our auditors inspect containers before loading to ensure that everyone is clean, structurally sound and weatherproof.
  •       InTouch staff overlooking all handling in person to ensure that products are safe, secure, and that the containers are sealed in accordance with the regulations of C-TPAT and Euro
  •       They have eyes and ears in their products continuously, until his departure from China.
  •       Inform the pressing quality problems immediately, which allow you the opportunity to delay the shipment at any time prior to shipping goes China.
  •       Comprehensive reports with photos are provided 6 hours after all supervision for review

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