Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Asia Textile Inspection And Consultation Co. Ltd

Key Specifications / Special Features

    Provides Android Tablet PC, MID, netbook buyers qualityinspection worst service in China
    Inspection services:
    Supplier Audit: visits and audit provider is legal or fraud or trade andfactory
    Quality inspection: quality control of the product, the quantity, function, package factory
    Load Verification Fee: check charging full guarantee products shipped andright
    Supplier enter: enter our factories inspected tobuyer

    Cover area products:

    Appliances, toys, clothing, textiles, organic babyclothes
    Shoes, furniture, gifts, bicycles and other miscellaneous items
    You can organize different types of inspections according to specific requirements of tocustomer


    Suppliers 70% are trading company and home office, but asfactory act
    Risk FAUD scammed by companies
    Quality problem cannot be found until received goods
    Risk supplier ships the wrong product, wrong quantity

Product Details

Primary Competitive Advantages:

  •     Experienced staff
  •     Green Product
  •     Guarantee / Warranty
  •     Price
  •     Quality Approvals
  •     Service
  •     Small orders accepted
  •     24H Provide Reporting and Video
  •     Protect Right Buyer
  •     Risk Control Cart

Main export markets:
  • Asia
  • Australasia
  • Central America / South
  • Eastern Europe
  • Middle East / Africa
  • North America
  • Western Europe

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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Different AQL Sampling Size For Critical, Major And Minor Defects

Behind its simple appearance, the AQL table is complex, especially when we have to define the size of the sample for inspection. We all know the basics: identify the sample size based on the total order quantity is however what we all know there are different sizes of sampling AQL for critical defects, major and minor?
The official table AQL

Before any explanation, it is important to get the right tool. In the search for online AQL table, it is very easy to find different versions. However, only one is valid and the official version: download or view table AQL ISO 2859, ANSI / ASQC Z1.4.
Different size AQL sampling for critical defects, major and minor

The NCA table has two tables: table code letters sample size and single sampling plans for normal inspection table.

The table of single sampling plans for normal inspection is what interests us today. It accurately determines the final sample size AQL as defined tolerance level for each type of defect (critical, major and minor).

Table structure of single sampling plans for normal inspection:

    The first and second columns, sample code size and sample size, identify the size of the sample
    The first row, the limits of acceptable quality for one inspection, levels of acceptable quality limits (tolerances) are listed, the buyer can choose for each type of defect.

    At the crossroads is not the size of the sample to be applied according to the tolerance level chosen for each type of defect.

    Third party inspection company professionals usually choose three levels of tolerance (one per type of critical defect): 0, 2.5 greater, less than 4, so there are three sizes to determine sampling.

Paper arrows on a simple table sampling plans for normal inspection

these arrows are very important. In general they are missing in the AQL tables wrong on the internet, also creating misunderstandings.

    The arrows indicate whether the sample size varies according to the tolerance assigned to each type of defect (critical, major and minor).

Consider two examples
Changes in the sample size for one or more types of defects

For a 160K to pieces of the overall sample size is 800pcs AQL however, when after three tolerances Professionals third party inspection companies: 0 Critical, Major 2.5, Minor 4, the size Variable sampling defects:

  •     Critical size defects sampling: 800pcs
  •     Defects Increased sample size: 500pcs
  •     Minor defects sample size: 315pcs

The sample size is the same for all types of defects

If, for the same amount of total 160Kpcs by the buyer choose their own tolerance levels for each type of defect, such as critical 0, 1 main and less than 1.5, the sample size is the same for all types of defects:

  •     Critical size defects sampling: 800pcs
  •     Defects Increased sample size: 800pcs
  •     Minor defects sample size: 800pcs

And you: is it at all clear to you? Feel free to share your doubts about how to determine the sample size AQL for critical defects, major and minor!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Container Loading Inspection

This is a very useful and popular service that involves an inspection of the product on the day the shipment is loaded. The whole charging process is monitored to ensure that the product meets your standards, and you loaded the correct amount.

The inspectors also ensure that the product is packaged properly and securely placed in the container will be sent in. In every inspection, several photos are taken from products and packaging, container and sealing the container end, so you can be sure that when you get your product has not been altered since the inspection.

This is an excellent way to ensure that the product you have requested is correct in their specifications, and that all products are properly packaged, and in the right amounts before leaving the factory. Is also a valuable check to be performed before a transport document is issued, as it is usually one of the documents required by banks for the payment of letters of credit?

All inspections are done using the internationally recognized standard ANSI / ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) statistical sampling procedure. This procedure represents the general appearance, size, functionality, durability, and performance. More importantly, these inspections will be carried out according to your needs and specifications.

We can even use their samples to compare products. Inspection certificates are issued if required for letters of credit.