Monday, 8 December 2014

Supplier Certification And Quality Control

Social Audits And Factory

AsiatextileInspections general offer visits to factories and social audits and factory premises of manufacturers to provide a more accurate picture of the overall results before placing your order evaluation. It allows you to prevent further loss of capital or reputation of your company due to any violation of laws or non-conformity of the production process.
Due Diligence Providers and Partners

AsiaTextileInspections can help verify your Chinese supplier is reliable, has a good reputation and is in a strong financial position.

A detailed investigation is essential when you are planning a partnership or before signing a contract with a new business partner.

Information Report

AsiaTextileInspections can provide Business Information Report with a presentation of the company and the risk summary, based on the information available about the history of the company, commercial payments, corporate structure, operations, finance and banking, industry analysis and public records.

AsiaTextileInspections provide inspection services on the site of the factory to minimize any risk, quality and quantity control, meet the needs of customers and products relevant regulatory requirements.

Inspections Can Help Your Company:

  •       Make sure the amount of product that matches the amount of the order
  •       Ensure visual appearance coincides with products ordered
  •       Ensure that product specifications comply with the orders
  •       Check the packaging, labeling, instructions and the CE marking comply with the requirements of customers

Many types of inspections may be conducted at different stages of production to ensure that customers receive the product quality. The four main inspection services are:

Pre-Production Inspection

Pre-production inspection is carried out at the beginning of the production process. The purpose of a pre-production inspection is to identify defects in materials or components prior to the production process, thus minimizing the risk of non-conformities and allowing corrections and improvements where necessary. You can also identify whether the factory has correctly understood your order, avoiding miscommunication and ensure that any deviation customer specifications treated early.

The Advantages:

  •       Make sure that the product meets the requirements
  •       Preview of the production process
  •       Troubleshoot and resolve problems early
  •       Avoid wasting time
  •       Avoid additional costs

During Production Inspection

During Production Inspection checks semifinished or finished in part through the production process products. Generally, this is done at the time that 40% of the order has been filled and 20% produced export.
This improves control over the production and allows timely correction of defects and quality improvements.

The Advantages:

  •       Check your order is on schedule
  •       Make sure that their products comply with the approved sample
  •       Make adjustments early is a problem during production

Final Random Inspection

The Final random inspection checks of finished products when at least 80% of your order has been produced and packed export. Samples are selected at random, according to the rules and procedures AQL sampling.
The Final Random Inspection ensures that production meets its specifications and / or terms of your order.

The Advantages:

  •       Check product quality before shipment
  •       Approve final payment of trust
  •       Reject the request does not meet your requirements

Monitoring Cargo Container Load

Container Loading Supervision ensures that your order is complete and safe loaded in the container before shipment. This inspection ensures that the products supplied by the factory meet their requirements in terms of quantity, variety and packaging.

This inspection also ensures that export cartons are loaded safely into the container and the container is in good condition.

The Advantages:

  •       Make sure the entire production order is sent
  •       Make your goods loaded carefully
  •       Check the status of the container
  •       Check the correct amount has been loaded

AsiaTextileInspections provides inspection services through our specialized team and also works with suppliers recognized third Specializing in the inspection.