Sunday, 11 January 2015

China Inspector Bribery, How Many Inspectors Coming To Audit ?

I used to be one of those quality inspectors sent in Chinese factory to carry out quality inspection, factory audit, monitoring the cargo container.

Before entering the hotel, we had to contact the seller to let you know that an inspector would inspect the goods they have produced for clients abroad.

I am always amused seller that after the first email exchange where asking how many would instantly inspector.

At that time I was very young and naive (that was seven years ago, I just graduated from school and was very limited experience). Inspection after inspection arguing with factory owners who told me that they were frequently requested by inspectors from several inspection companies well known and well established to give a little manning table called "hong bao" in Chinese. They explained that usually the inspector ask how many containers are to be sent and what is the total value of the shipment. Finally, the inspector will issue a report step to facilitate the supplier to ship the goods that may be inappropriate.

Then I realized why vendor asked us email the number of inspectors would come was that they have to plan to withdraw enough money to please the inspectors who come to visit.

In another post I will explain how some company’s inspection and quality assurance of success to deal effectively with these issues.