Monday, 7 July 2014

Container Loading Supervision

What is a Container Loading Supervision in China and Asia?

The Container Loading Supervision (CLS) will be held just before the vendor / factory / manufacturer is supposed to load the goods into the container; that aims to monitor the charging process. This Container Loading Supervision in China or anywhere in Asia usually takes place at the factory. It can also be performed on the premises of its promoter.
What we check during Cargo Container supervision?

Verification of quantity, packing check list, container conditions, the process of loading (cartons conditions, filling-up level, etc), a quick look at the packaging and packaging of their products.

Note that the checks complete quality control on product specifications, labeling and marking cosmetic (NCA) test, you should book a standard inspection, such as pre-shipment inspection or during the inspection production.
What is the benefit of Container Loading Supervision?

As your goods are traveling for days or weeks to reach its final destination, the Supervisory Cargo Container in China and Asia will ensure the proper and stuffy and full of efficient products and that the products are not damaged.
What products are not specialized in AQF?

          Hardlines and Softlines electronic electric luxury goods 

Inspection Hardlines Softlines real goods inspection inspection inspection electronic and electrical products of luxury goods
the highlight of this service Container Loading Supervision

  •       Provide the state of the container itself.
  •       The right products, there is no possible replacement products.
  •       The number of boxes is accurate.
  •       The load will be carried out with care (limiting the goods broken because of the load).
      The inspector calls the office so that you get an immediate response. If you read your mail quickly and if your provider has told you to wait for the green light before shipping, you have the opportunity to stop the disaster.
  •       The container is forwarded to your company.
  •       We note if a stamp is printed on the packaging.
  •       We perform a final check on the packaging.

Why should I book the CLS?

You do not want your goods are loaded correctly in a humid chamber with broken boxes and broken products. Save time and money and ensure our imports Container Loading Supervision in China and Asia, while the pressure on your provider is to drive continuous quality.

Available options
  •       Collection of samples
  •       overtime overnight
  •       Inspector Western or Western expert

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