Wednesday, 24 September 2014

China Factory Production Before Chinese National Holiday 2014

Time and again China's National Day in October seems to surprise the manufacturers and buyers alike. Factories in China are beginning to feel the effects of the National Party of China as early as September. In an instant, it becomes difficult to reach representatives of the factory, the products are ready early (or not), and the ratio vs. last no pre-shipment inspections falls rapidly.

Factory workers in China before the Chinese National Day 2014: October 1 to 3

The Chinese receive three paid holidays and October of each year to commemorate the founding of the country. The 2014 China National Day is 01 to 03 October. However, most managers receive more free time to spend with their families.

Workers often work tirelessly during the month of September in order to accumulate enough days to travel home with their families. The roads are congested, the trains are crowded, and the flights are fully booked, as hundreds of millions of Chinese systems of public and private transport are blocked. While big cities are connected by high-speed trains, some less developed regions require several days of train travel.

      Warning: many factories are closed for about two weeks!

China, factory production before the Chinese National Day 2014

Production in Chinese factories accelerated to accommodate the impending holiday just before the start of the Chinese national party. Providers should make an effort to end production before the party started. Many workers are tired and under pressure. Rules of internal quality control are lowered to maximize the amount of output. Moreover, shipping dates often change. There are more results fail inspection prior to the expedition, but many shoppers proceed to allow sending anyway.

      Before the Chinese national holiday, there is an increased risk of quality problems. Buyers should try to plan their production in advance to limit risk.

During China's National Day 2014

Production stops and containers are in port. Over a period of about two weeks all the machines stop. The level of air pollution in Beijing is comparable to the Swiss Alps!
After China's National Day

Production was resumed, but slowly: Many workers and managers are still on vacation, or have changed jobs, therefore, factories have to hire new staff and train (it takes time to train new employees).

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