Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Loading Supervision, Container Inspection And Sealing

Loading Supervision, Container Inspection and Sealing

Wherever loading takes place, our inspectors will oversee the entire process. This includes an assessment of the condition of the shipping container, check for product information, the amounts charged, compliance packaging, and overall supervision of the loading process. Once you load the container, a HQTS Stamp applied to the container to reduce the high risk of product substitution after loading.


  • Registration time, the arrival time of container, container No., truck No.
  • Container inspection to assess damage, moisture, drilling, smell test
  • Quantity of goods and conditions of outer carton
  • Random selection of the sample boxes packaged products to verify actual
  • Monitor the loading process to minimize breakage and maximize the use of space
  • Seal the container with the seal of the customs and stamp HQTS
  • Record the seal No. and departure time of container

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