Monday, 10 June 2013

Buyers and sellers are asking inspection company visual inspection of cargo to ensure that they are loaded under proper condition and properly stowed. Such inspections also ensure that the shipment is sent is the one you have bought or sold.

A visual inspection of cargo by inspection company gives you peace of mind that your shipment has been verified by the world's leading inspection of the shipment.

inspection company inspectors, recognized throughout the world, carried out inspections at the time of loading or unloading, or at the end of a transaction.

Our standardized inspections include the following:

    inspection, to verify their suitability with respect to the corresponding shipment (cleaning, drying, ventilating, charge separation)
    a report of the brands, the type of containers (bulk, boxes, drums, etc..) and, if practical, an account of the goods
    confirmation that it has delivered a receipt for conditions
    verification of randomly selected units correspond to those given in the description, specification and product characteristics listed in the order
    verification of product features or quality parameters that can not be visually verified (eg., the steel grade can be confirmed when the supplier provides documentary evidence)
    checking of packages, marks and labels, manufacturing dates, batch numbers, expiration dates, shipping marks, package lists, certificates and labels Supplier
    documentation of how and when the goods were loaded and the exact location (stowage) in the vehicle receiver type, name and / or number of the recipient vehicle and where the goods were located before loading
    keeping track of time with the arrival and departure of the transport vehicle, the time and date of loading, loading delays and reason for delays, description of the device / battery charger, weather , rain, dust suppression, wind losses, charge remaining in the dock, etc..

Container Loading Inspection China
Inspection company inspectors made records, photographs and reports of any abnormalities, such as discrepancies in the description of the cargo, damage, loss of materials, improper stowage or delays in loading. You can rely on inspection company as its representative at any port in the world. Our team objective verification and inspection documentation provides accurate and transparent and always represent their interests while handling his cargo in bulk.

The accurate and reliable visual inspection is an inspection of commercial vehicles offered by inspection company, a leader in managing accredited bulk shipments.

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